Litchdon Patient Participation Group, Barnstaple Devon

Welcome to the Litchdon Patient Participation Group

Patient to Patient --- Where your views --- Really matter

We are an independent group which works closely with Litchdon Medical Centre.

We work with the practice on behalf of all patients.

Remember that the group is only as good as you make it - so keeping in touch with us is important to you.

The Chair Person of the group from July 2017 is Sue Matthews.

Latest News:NDHT and RD&E a stage closer to formally joining together - January 2021

Next meetings - due to Covid19, information on future meetings as they arise will be posted here.

National Association for Patient Participation

The National Association for Patient Participation promotes and supports patient participation in primary care.

Groups are an effective way for patients and GP surgeries to work together to improve services and to promote health and improved quality of care. PPGs are making a real difference across the UK.
Join N.A.P.P. And benefit from support to your practice and PPG.


We are a part of the NAPP and refer to them in the way we conduct our patients group.

The NHS recognises that input from patients is vital to best practise in surgeries.

We work as an independent group but with the doctors and management of the surgery.

Our aim is to work with you to get the best possible services and care for all the patients of the Litchdon Medical Centre.